Children's Speech Therapy Assistant in West Gippsland

At Connecting Dots for Kids we understand that it can be difficult to translate the skills learnt in therapy into everyday life. Our Therapy Assistants play an invaluable role in helping to bridge this gap. Individualised Therapy Assistant programs can provide additional repetition of therapy material and access to services for children who are unable to be seen by a speech pathologist as regularly as they need to.

Our Therapy Assistants work collaboratively with a qualified speech pathologist who writes the therapy assistant programs, trains the therapy assistant, provides supervisions and revises goals. Each plan is tailored to work towards goals specific to your child.

Therapy Assistants can be funded under NDIS funding and are always working under the direction and supervision of a lead speech pathologist.

What do therapy assistants do?

  • Participate in joint sessions with each child to get to know you and your child.
  • Monitor and update the lead speech pathologist on progress regularly.
  • Provide Therapy Assistant Programs tailored to your child that continue with therapy programs following an assessment by a qualified speech pathologist.
  • Create resources for your child to help them access the community, school or home, such as visual schedules, community access cards and therapy home practice.

Interested in working with Connecting Dots?

We are here to help! In order for us to provide the most suitable service and practitioner for you child, simply request a call from us and we will be in touch asap.