Children's Speech Therapy Assistant in West Gippsland

A first step for identifying and diagnosing challenges with communication is an assessment. We complete standardised and dynamic assessments of speech, language, literacy, social skills, developmental delays, fluency, and eating/swallowing for existing and new clients.

All of our clinicians are trained to choose and administer a range of assessment tools for children of different ages and abilities. They use the results of the assessment, interviews with parents and professionals, and observations to identify areas of strength and weakness, write reports and provide recommendations for ways to support children and develop their skills. At times, assessment results and reports can be used to support applications for funding.

Children can be referred for assessment by families, schools, NDIS support coordinators, GPs, paediatricians, or other allied health professionals.

The process looks like this:

  • Call or email to the Connecting Dots or Kids team with child’s details and reason for referral
  • Our Client Experience Officers place the child on our assessment waiting list and send online intake form link
  • Family complete intake form online and submit any previous reports or relevant letters
  • Clinicians review information in documents and identify assessments needed
  • Client Experience Officers call to schedule assessment
  • Child and parent attend for assessment which can take between one and four sessions depending on the areas to be assessed
  • Clinician analyses results and writes report
  • Completed report sent to family and referrer
  • Funding applications, referrals, or intervention conducted as recommended

Interested in working with Connecting Dots?

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