Children's Mobile Speech Therapy Services

Mobile services allow speech pathologists at the Connecting Dots For Kids team to provide services in a child’s preferred setting. Members of our speech pathology team are able to travel to a child’s home, kindergarten, child care facility or school. This ensures that the child is comfortable, is not required to adapt to a new environment, and allows members of our team to engage with education staff, parents and other allied health professionals on a regular basis, to ensure the best outcomes for the children we see.

Benefits of Mobile therapy:

  • Clients are often more comfortable in their home and speech pathologists can show parents how to utilise toys at home to assist with speech and language.
  • Research suggests that speech pathology in the home or at school can help with generalisation of communication goals. Additionally, speech pathologists are able to show children how to use skills in other settings.
  • No travel time for families
  • Speech pathologists can work closely with teaching staff
  • Speech pathologists are able to learn more about how a child engaged in the home or school setting to provide more accurate recommendations to assist with speech, language and communication.

Our team members travel to see children in their homes, kinders or schools in Drouin, Warragul, Neerim South, Darnum, Lardner, Yarragon, Nilma, Ripplebrook, Trafalgar, Moe, and Newborough. Children from other areas can access our service by travelling to us or meeting with our team members via the Zoom platform.

Interested in working with Connecting Dots?

We are here to help! In order for us to provide the most suitable service and practitioner for you child, simply request a call from us and we will be in touch asap.