Children's Speech Therapy Group Programs in West Gippsland

We complement our individual services with a range of group programs. Groups allow children to generalise skills they have learnt individually with their therapist, or practise skills with peers. Some children benefit from seeing that other children face similar challenges and are more willing to try new things in a group when the focus is shared with other children.

Therapy groups can focus on a range of different skills. These might include:

  • Phonological awareness (understanding sounds and how they go together for reading)
  • Social skills (interacting with others and building conversation skills and relationships)
  • Literacy (reading, spelling, and writing sentences or texts)
  • Early Intervention (early language and play skills)
  • Ready for School (skills children need before they hit the “big school” classroom)
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (children who use communication devices/apps to communicate have the opportunity to meet with other children using the same technologies)
  • Special interest social skills groups – themes might include Lego, Minecraft, Science, Craft, drama, music, etc.
  • Speech Sounds (learning to say specific sounds in words and sentences with other children working on the same thing)

Our therapy groups run as regular sessions during term time or as more intensive blocks in school holidays.

Our therapy groups run as regular sessions during term time or as more intensive blocks in school holidays. Existing clients, children on our waiting list, or children receiving services at other clinics are eligible to participate in our groups. Children who are new to our clinic will need to have at least one session with one of our clinicians before they are accepted for a group. This allows us to make sure that we have identified individual goals, match children with similar goals together, and can plan to incorporate individual needs into our group planning.

Check our facebook page, or call the clinic for current and upcoming groups.

Connecting Dots for Kids is taking Expressions of Interest for our Group Programs and you can submit that enquiry below.

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