Our New Therapy Assistant Program

We are very excited to announce that Connecting Dots For Kids are now providing a therapy assistant program as an addition to our current range of services.

How does the program work?

Our therapy assistant will collaborate with a certified clinician to support your kids in practicing the skills they learn in therapy and achieving their goals. The program will be written by a certified speech pathologist and the therapy assistant will administer the program under instruction and supervision from the speech pathologist. Notes and progress will be documented every session with the therapy assistant maintaining regular contact with the supervising speech pathologist.

The therapy assistant program is great because…

  • It helps stretch funding and increase cost efficiency
  • May enable more frequent and intensive service provision
  • Higher frequency can result in more rapid progress towards speech-language goals
  • Allows our clinicians to help more families
  • Contribute to capacity building interventions by facilitating generalisation of skills with a different person and setting

How often will sessions be provided under the therapy assistant program?

Like our current services, the frequency and duration of sessions will be determined by your child’s principal speech pathologist on an individualised basis. In general, this will be at least weekly.

What can and can’t a therapy assistant do?

Therapy assistants are a great support to working towards your child’s speech and language goals. A therapy assistant:

Can I opt-in for the therapy assistant program?

Our clinicians will assess and determine if a child is suitable for the therapy assistant program on a case-by-case basis. We will discuss with you if we recommend this approach for your child.

Interested in working with Connecting Dots?

We are here to help! In order for us to provide the most suitable service and practitioner for you child, simply request a call from us and we will be in touch asap.