Join Our Waitlist

We receive a substantial volume of inquiries daily, reflecting the immense demand for our services.

Our team is committed to supporting as many children and families as we can, while maintaining high quality service and sustainable workloads.
When we receive new inquiries, we gather as much information as we can to help us prioritise the kind of support a child might need and how urgent their needs are.

Some children only need help for a short time, others have lifelong conditions and will need help on and off throughout their lives.This means that we can’t tell just by looking at the list of children waiting to see us how long before we see your child.

To add your child to our waiting list, please click the link below and fill in our intake form.

Please complete the intake form with as much detail as possible; it helps us understand your child’s needs better.

Once submitted, your child will be seamlessly integrated into our management software and placed on our waiting list. We will contact you when we have an availability for your child. Feel free to call us anytime for updates on their progress.

We understand the importance of this process and are here to make it as smooth as possible.

Please note: We offer community and school-based services throughout the Baw Baw Shire and select areas of the Latrobe Valley. For those residing outside these regions, we extend our support through both telehealth consultations and in-clinic services.

Interested in working with Connecting Dots?

We are here to help! In order for us to provide the most suitable service and practitioner for you child, simply request a call from us and we will be in touch asap.