We are blessed to have a well-resourced clinic and caring team. It is important to us that we give back to our community and contribute to those who don’t have the same opportunities as we do. Here are some of the causes and organisations we partner with or contribute to.

B1G1 – Every time we deliver a service to a child or family, we also make a donation to a cause close to our hearts via the B1G1 (Buy1 Give1) platform. For example, each time we charge for travel, we donate access to a bicycle to attend school for a student in Asia. For each online session we deliver, we donate access to a computer and the internet for children in remote Australia. You can track our giving impacts on this page.

Organisations We Support:

The Charis Project

One of the organisations that we support via B1G1 is the Charis project which provides family support and education to people on the Thai-Burma border. Their emphasis is on providing for and educating families so that they can keep their children safe from trafficking, develop a livelihood and have a hope for the future. One of the things we appreciate most about Charis is that they also have resources that can help our families in Australia, like their family resilience mini-course – sign up here.

ZoSkype Reading 

This project was established 2017 and is coordinated by Xiu Ching, one of our former speech pathologists. Support the literacy and language development of Zo refugee kids through 1-1 or small group sessions held online via Skype or Zoom. Australian volunteers are partnered with Zo refugee children in Malaysia attending the Zo Learning Centre in Malaysia.

Frank Hilton Organisation 

Lydelle spent almost 3 years volunteering in Suva, Fiji with the Frank Hilton Organisation (then known as the Fiji Crippled Children’s Society) and we continue to provide sponsorship to individual children and professional development to staff and volunteers as they request help.

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